Demarcus McGaughey

Keeping it All InHouse

Demarcus McGaughey – Keeping it All InHouse
Capturing Creatives

My motto now is “Life is short and tomorrow isn’t guaranteed.” If you keep putting things off you’re not doing the world or yourself any justice. It’s just staying in your head. Imagine if the people we admire just kept things in their heads and they didn’t produce. You owe it to that vision to manifest it and put it out. Every single one of us has something special about us. If you have an idea, it was projected to you. You own it to the world to make it come to life. ~Demarcus McGaughey.

In this episode, we sit down with Demarcus McGaughey. As a professional creative Demarcus pulls back the curtain on his story and his process. As mild-mannered that he comes across on the surface there is a combustion of ideas and creativity igniting on the inside.