Jarrad Henderson – Unlocking Story Mechanics

Jarrad Henderson – Unlocking Story Mechanics
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Jarrad Henderson, 2-time Emmy Nominated photojournalist and current USA Today Multimedia Producer sits down with us to discuss his career in photography and visual journalism. As a fellow child of military parent it is always intriguing to see the adaptations that are taken in response to constantly relocate. It gives us an ability see the world individually, in which Jarrad has harnessed into his craft behind the camera.

Jarrad gives a perspective on creativity from a unique dimension of storytelling. What are the elements that make a story great? How do you distill large concepts into relatable parts? What makes a compelling story? Would would he consider his superpowers to be? Are the tools essential to the process?

Also, Jarrad shares details about his personal project Beyond this Place, a visual documentation of African American Fraternities and Sororities. Documentary Photographer, Filmmaker, Photojournalist)